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The Dolby Room at Brickton Studios

for Immersive Scoring

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In addition to composing original music for traditional stereo and multichannel formats, we have made significant investments in spatial audio at our wholly owned and operated sister company, Brickton Studios.   The Dolby Room at Brickton Studios is a purpose built and acoustically treated Dolby Atmos music production, mixing and mastering suite powered by Dolby, the Avid MTRX platform and a 7.1.4 JBL 7 Series Master Reference monitoring environment for a detailed and immersive soundstage that highlights every nuance of our compositions.  For remote collaboration, we have employed Audinate's Dante solutions, enabling us to create, collaborate and deliver lossless, multichannel audio across geographies, including foreign territories.  These investments have provided us with the capability of meeting the growing demand for spatial audio


For Directors who are looking for spatial audio to play an integral role in the storytelling experience, it is vitally important to recognize that the approach used in composing and arranging for immersive music is different than that used for stereo or even a traditional surround sound mix. From the initial spotting sessions all the way through to the final conforming mix, orchestration, instrumentation and harmonic structure must be carefully considered for immersive scores to be able to deliver their intended emotional and creative punch.  Being able to place various elements of motifs and production cues within a 360° environment opens up a whole new world of possibility for the storytelling experience. Being able to move these same musical elements within an audience's 360° environment further elevates the storytelling experience. 


Properly composed, the use of spatial audio can simply be magical, especially when a motif is passed between various sections of the orchestra, taking on new timbral colors and sense of space. Equally effective, is the use of spatial audio within electro-acoustical compositions. On the other hand, not understanding the various pitfalls to watch out for when composing for immersive storytelling can be full of unintended consequences, distracting, gimmicky and ultimately detract from the storytelling experience. 

Deliverables for our spatial music productions include the necessary ADM files, binaural headphone-optimized renderings as well as traditional surround sound and stereo downmixes.

You can have confidence knowing that we understand the art of composing for immersive audio and that our competencies are supported by a world-class technology platform designed to elevate the storytelling experience. 



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